rC3 - Press Information

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This year you won't need any accreditation, you can get everything you need without a ticket. There is a closed area, but we have made a copy of it for you.

All presentations of the online conference "Remote Chaos Experience" are available for free without a ticket via https://streaming.media.ccc.de

You can find the full schedule here: https://rc3.world/rc3/public_fahrplan/

Recordings will be available shortly after the "live broadcast" at https://media.ccc.de

For this reason, accreditation is not required and will not be offered.

Free, but sold out tickets are only needed to visit the community area. The community area "rC3-world" is a direct window into the living room of all participants. To reflect this fact, the entire "rC3-world" is a "No-Photo-Area."

In order to allow reporting on the "rC3-world" as well, we provide a second, freely accessible instance that is not subjectg to a No-Photo-Area (read: a Photo- & Filming-Area). Even if you have a ticket for "rC3-world" as a private person, we kindly ask you to respect the No-Photo-Policy and to use the Press-World for interviews and the like.

The Press World will be linked at https://press.rc3.world as soon as it is available.

We hope you enjoy our program!

Vacation greetings from the CCC press support 🙂